A list of Osho discourses

Ever since Osho left thousands of his followers, his teachings of syncretism have been anything but forgotten as his followers increase in numbers by the day. Regardless of whether you’ve visited the ashram or not, one can find popular and rare osho discourses in seeking to understand the wisdom and insight that he has left behind as a legacy for his followers.

Most of these discourses have touched on religion, philosophy, sexuality and on the subject of enlightenment. One of the key elements of his teachings is that every human being is a potential Buddha who is capable of enlightenment but only prevented by his or her ego. Apart from his discourses, Osho also is well known for the Osho dynamic meditation method, which comprises five stages and is normally accompanied by music.

Perhaps known as the most controversial spiritual guru of recent times, his message that spoke of emotional, spiritual, sexual and institutional liberation has led several world leaders and authorities in philosophy, politics and spirituality to consider him to be one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century.

Although, he departed this world on January 1990, his teachings that reflected true liberation can always be obtained in the osho mp3, cd or dvd format that one can use to meditate with in the peace and quiet of our own homes.

And perhaps this is how we can understand the genius of Osho, as is known by his followers from all over the world.