Are Business and Philanthropy A Good Match?

Truth be told, not all business owners look at money as their ultimate goal. Many have the honest intention of giving mankind a chance to live better. So how exactly do marketing goals and charitable desires go together? Enter a term called strategic philanthropy, which basically suggests combining community enhancement and involvement with business and marketing plans. Simply put, it is involving one’s business in a charitable cause. This is to say that as you give charities and build community welfare, you are also allowing your business to gain recognition and exposure as well as become more productive, profitable and competitive in the market, thereby increasing revenues in no time.

A great way to get started on strategic philanthropy is to devise a system wherein a non-profit community welfare group such as a church, school or any organization will give out your coupons whenever people purchase your product. The group is given a percentage of the sales for their cause. What’s in it for you? You get instant marketing with no work at all from your end. You can also put up a fundraiser in your business location for a group or a charity you would like to support. People will be compelled to buy your products when they are in your store, and you will be recognized for your humane efforts. If you have a large facility or store, you can offer to have reception for groups who are putting together major events.

You are automatically contributing to their cause (which of course, must be something you also support), and in turn, the charitable group gets a percentage of sales, gift certificates, or discounts on their purchases.