Britain – The World’s Most Charitable Nation

A study carried out by, which is a social network especially for social entrepreneurs provided valuable insight into different countries and how charitable they are.

Spanning sixteen countries, with over 12,000 persons taking part in the research, Britain was in top spot for the most amount of donations given towards charity last year. 83% of Britain’s population gave towards charity, with the next most charitable country being Canada, with 77%. The least charitable country was South Africa, with a mere 31% having donated towards charity.

Out of the 12,000 respondents, 26% donated towards medical charities, especially those dealing with disease and health issues. These kinds of charities seemed to be the charity of choice to a majority of the respondents, indicating that most people considered it worthy of their donations. Charities working on child-related issues and Third World Aid came in as the second and third most preferred charities for donations, with the research results showing 18% and 17% respectively.

Animal welfare charities were preferred by around 14% of the respondents, while 10% chose to make donations towards charities working towards assisting homeless people. In the USA, 49% picked animal charities as the most worthy charities to receive donations, while in India respondents’ most popular choices for charity were those targeted at children.’s Chief Executive Officer, Alberto Nardelli said that the study carried out by them was useful towards gaining a better understanding regarding different countries and their varied opinions regarding different charities. He even pointed out how different views could be according to the country, with almost 50% of Americans considering animal charities worthy of their donations, while only 3% of the Dutch even considered making donations towards them.