Charity Walks – How to Thank Your Volunteers

The success of a charity walk lies in the efforts of the volunteers. Their commitment and dedication are key towards achieving set targets. Expressing your appreciation towards these volunteers is very important. Here are a few ideas:

Certificate – Give each volunteer a certificate of appreciation. You can even design these certificates on your computer and print them out. To make things easy, use one of the many free templates available online, just remember to customize it. You could even put the certificates in inexpensive frames before presenting them to your volunteers.

Thank you note – Send personalized thank you notes to each volunteer recognizing their contribution towards the charity walk. Make the note extra special and handwrite them. They will be treasured.

Public thank you – Thank your volunteers publicly at the walk and related events. Make it a point to recognize them and their efforts. Single of those who worked the hardest for specific praise and you can be guaranteed that they will always put as much effort into future projects.

Newsletter – Mention names of volunteers in your organization’s monthly email or newsletter, thanking them for their hard work. You could even consider writing features on volunteers who made significant contributions.

Appreciation – Express your appreciation for each volunteer personally. Talk to them and thank them, even in private. It will go a long way and ensure their continued support in future charity events.

Gifts – Give volunteers inexpensive gifts to say ‘thank you’. Make sure each volunteer is given the same gift.

Responsibilities – some volunteers might have contributed more than the others. Provide them with new opportunities and perhaps even added responsibilities to contribute towards your organization.

Showing appreciation towards volunteers will motivate them to continually support your organizations work in the future.