Donate a used car

If you are wondering “why would anyone donate a used car?” well, it is because there are people who can do something with a car that you have absolutely no use for. Perhaps your car has been in a bad accident or its just become obsolete and lying there in the garage, whatever the reason it is a car you no longer need.

So you have two options, sell it or send it to the junkyard. Selling it is going to be a tedious process and sending it to the junkyard just might be a waste. There is a third option which you could look at and that is donation. There are plenty of charities you could donate vehicles to and it is easy to find them. All you have to do is get on the internet and search. For example, “car donation san Francisco”, “car donation New York” or “car donation Little Rock” will all return results of charities near you.

When you are looking at the charities, always ensure that you pick one that is legitimate. Sadly there are lots of fake charities out there that scam people and take away their well-intentioned gifts. You need to be very careful of these scammers especially if you are donating your car. The car could be used in a crime and that will leave you with some very nasty problems. So the bottom line is, verify the legality of the charity and also take an interest in how the car will be disposed of, before you give the car away.