Donate your car to charity

When it comes to getting rid of junk, most people think of holding a garage sale but this can be only for the ‘small items’. So what about junk that’s ‘large’ such as cars? Obviously there isn’t much that you can do except take it down to the nearest dealership or junkyard and get rid of it there.

But there is another way that involves a WIN-WIN situation with everyone involved such as making automobile donations to particular charitable organizations that use the proceeds from auctions that sell these cars towards children around the world that are in need of the basic food, clothing and shelter.

Does this offer sound too good to be true in an economy where conserving funds are becoming a reality day after day? One might wonder if there’s a catch in donating vehicles toward these causes, and for those who are cautious, the good news is that there is none, except for the fact that with minimum effort, one can dispose of the vehicle that is cluttering up your space but also obtain a tax rebate for the donation made.

From the human aspect, it leaves you with the feeling that you have given back to the underprivileged when you donate your car to charity.  And there’s nothing more special than being able to do it without taking a hunk out of your hard-earned money.

So, what are you waiting for? Call these professionals so that they can come over, and change the lives of those who don’t have much as we do.