Fundraising for Kids

Instilling the practise of giving is important with children. Start off on some simple fundraising ideas with them. Here are a few:

A ‘teddy bears’ picnic – kids will love this kind of picnic. You can organize a picnic of this nature either outdoors or even inside. Any kind of tea party or picnic where kids can bring their own teddy bears is always a winner. Include some other kind of teddy bear fun like action poems/rhymes or even singing. How do you make money? Charge a premium on the tickets – after all, it is for charity. Other value additions are having a raffle for the parents. While this might not draw in heaps of money, it is still a fun way to introduce charity events to kids.

Arts and crafts – organize a place for kids to relax and draw and make simple things are always a favourite. You do not need to do much. Draw in the crowds with an impromptu gallery, include the kids’ names and give them their creations to take home later on. Other ideas for this kind of stall are teaching kids to make their own sock puppets or cards for their loved ones. Leave a box outside the stall for parents to drop in donations.

Stay silent for charity – this is a perfect charity idea for kids. You will find each one of them trying to outdoor the other. With older kids, you will find that they can stay silent even for a few hours, especially when put up against younger kids.
Fundraising for kids can be a lot of fun and the ideas are many. Just get creative and think of things that kids love to do. Ensure that everything stays child-friendly.