Fundraising Ideas: Church Event Organization

Like any fund raising event, a church fund raising event requires careful planning and organization to ensure everything runs smoothly and remains stress-free. Basic steps to keep in mind:

Goals and objectives – set realistic expectations that you know are achievable, both in terms of the capacity of the event and your expectations.

Resources – find resources that are available, use what the church already has. There is no point in spending money and time outsourcing resources, or purchasing items.

Timeline – create a realistic timeline and make sure you stick to it.

Committee – put together a committee made up of responsible and hardworking volunteers who you can rely upon.

Meetings – frequent meetings can help to keep things in perspective and make sure everything is on track, they also bring out hidden issues that you did not realize existed.

The Committee

A solid committee can make or break any fund raising event. If you do not already have one, ask members of the congregation to volunteer. Next, assign specific tasks to each person. Utilize each committee members’ skills well. You will need people to handle the finances, secure donations, handle the advertising and marketing of the event and duties on the day of the event.

Church Event Ideas

When it comes to the actual event itself, there are so many choices when putting together a church fund raiser. Some of the ideas include a bake sale, silent auction, car wash, picnic, benefit walk, rummage sale, etc.

Stay Organized

Keep things well organized during the planning and execution phases. Make sure the church congregation is kept informed of the event. Note-taking during meetings will help you stay organized in order to review progress and ensure everything is running according to your timeline.

Do not take on too much. Having volunteers involved not only divides up the work load but also keeps you organized.