Golf Tournaments for Charity

Golf is a very popular game and holding a golf tournament to raise money for a charity is a smart thing to do. However, planning is everything and it could mean the difference of raising a few thousand dollars to a few hundred.

1. Location – You need to scout around for a golf course that is conducive for a fundraiser tournament. Not all courses will accede to your request. Once you find a good location, book a date. But one thing you should do is ensure that no big events or holidays will impede the tournament.

2. Food – The tournament will take all day and you must provide the competitors with food. Lunch is a must and you should also give them something at the end of the tournament. Usually the golf courses will have their preferred contacts, if not you can always opt for lunch boxes.

3. Fee – This has to be carefully calculated. Depending on the target market, you can charge anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Whatever the fee, keep in mind that it has to cover the cost of both meals and any promotional material you give away (caps, t-shirts, etc).

4. Sponsors – This should not be too much of a problem. Give away each hole to a sponsor and tell them they can do as much branding as they want in that area (within the golf course’s regulations). On that basis you will have sponsors jumping to get in.

5. Promote – Talk to the local media and get a few newspaper articles, radio spots and TV spots organized. Although you won’t get prime spaces, you will get something and that something will be free.