How to Organize a Charity Benefit

When organizing a charity benefit, the first thing you need to do is decide on a goal for the event. It could be the amount of money you expect to make, or the number of items you would sell, donations, etc. Next, you need to figure out what the benefit will be. It could be anything from a dinner to a fashion show, wine tasting, art exhibition – whatever you and your team decide on.

Team – organize a team and assign a person or group to a specific task. Schedule regular progress meetings and set up an achievable timeline for each task. Make sure everything is documented from start to finish – it could be your guide for the next benefit you organize.

Personnel – decide on whether you will use paid staff or volunteers for the event. Using paid staff could be easier in terms of handling the event and its success. Use volunteers who have been volunteering for a long time and can be depended on.

Invitations – put together a list of possible donors with mailing information and computerize it. It can also be used in the future. Send personalized invitations to corporation heads and local celebrities. Include a date and time for RSVP.

Advertise – in local newspapers, radio, television, internet to promote the event.

Costs – draw up a budget. Factor in location, equipment and staffing cost. Try to get local businesses to donate facilities and products you can use for your event.

Date and Time – ensure there isn’t any other high profile event happening at the same time.

Location – decide on the type depending on your event. Ensure the location is handicap accessible. Include a map and directions with the invitations.

Entertainment – look for local talent who could use your event as a method of free advertising.