Is Eternal Security a Myth?

One of the most followed religions in the world today is Christianity.  While there are different doctrines that separate most sects of this religion, it is purely because the Holy Bible is open to interpretation.

While some people believe that eternal security is obtained once you accept Jesus into your heart, there are some who believe that you have to work out your own salvation until the day that you die.  But the truth is that we will continue to sin for the rest of our lives.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Christianity is the fact that it is evangelical in nature ever since Jesus commanded his disciples to go and spread the good news.   No matter how the message of love and hope are presented, these two will always remain as some of the pillars of Christianity.

Since the Internet has become a medium to spread information, you can find information regarding faith and Christianity on websites over the Internet regardless if you have been recently saved, have been a practicing Christian for a long time now, or a nonbeliever.

While these sites also talk about the Word and God, and interpret the former in today’s scenario, you can also find interpretations from the Bible about important events such as the antichrist conspiracy among other events as well.