Osho Discourses for spiritual living

Osho (Japanese for ‘monk’) has always been a controversial figure ever since he came into prominence in the 21st century. From the sobriquet of ‘sex guru’ to the scandal where he was accused of not having a valid U.S citizenship, Osho has always been in the news for seemingly the wrong reasons.

However, this did not deter followers from around the world to seek his teachings that are available today in the form of Osho discourses and so on and so forth.

However, it was not just for his interpretation of both Oriental philosophy and Western religion that Osho was known for but for his methods of meditation such as the Osho dynamic meditation method among a slew of several others that he had interpreted from Hinduism and other religions that have been amongst us for a long time now.

Even though he passed away a couple of decades ago, all his teachings have still been in demand while also receiving praise as the teachings of one of the most original thinkers of the 21st century based on which, a lot of New Age material seems to find its genesis from.

Not only can one buy his books at stores but obtain his teachings in the Osho mp3 format which adds a delightful dimension to hearing his well-directed humor through his teachings for which he was so famous for.