Third-Party Fund-Raisers under Scrutiny

Canadian charities have come under uncomfortable scrutiny lately wholesale mlb jerseys on several fronts. Federal Liberal MP John Bryden’s report, Canada’s Charities: A Need ???????????????????????????(Krill for Reform, and Walter Stewart’s book, The Charity Game, call for more rigorous checks on charitable fund-raising and spending.

In the line of fire is the use of ”third-party fund-raisers” by many charitable institutions. Third-party fund-raisers are persons or companies hired under contract by charities to increase donations from the public. The cost-effectiveness of this practice has been questioned not only by Bryden and Stewart, but also by media and the public. Continue reading “Third-Party Fund-Raisers under Scrutiny”

Trading Can Be a Taxing Task

As the impact of the fall in donations to charities hits home, more charities are boosting their income by becoming involved in an array of trading activities. These range from charity shops to more complex ventures, including credit cards and life assurance.

But charities are not always aware of the tax implications of their activities. More importantly, they are often unaware that if they trade at all they may lose their charitable status. Continue reading “Trading Can Be a Taxing Task”

Charity Is Necessary

A SERIOUS debate about charity is welcome and timely. ernten Too often charity is used as a label more for its good or bad resonances than for the substance which makes charity distinctive and special.  For many, charity is precious; for some outdated. The concept is multi-faceted, risking ambiguity and unclarity. It covers many fields of activity, many types of organisation. The real test January is whether they serve the public interest. Every year we register 4,000 new charities at the commission. Continue reading “Charity Is Necessary”