Strategic Philanthropy

Article Written by : Credit Card Processing Blog

Strategic Philanthropy is a unique way to incorporate your company’s marketing goals with the well being of mankind. Many organizations already engage in the basic form of philanthropy. These include schemes such as donating gift certificates to churches’ silent auction, allowing a high school club to set up car wash in the company parking lot, contributing coffee to an event, buying a school a year book or sponsoring a children’s sports team.

Strategic philanthropy incorporates your organization’s marketing goals as well. Here are a few ways to achieve this.

– Introduce a new product that community groups can use to sell to their community and provide them with a good commission on each sale.

– Create coupons that people can distribute within their communities and the group can get a percentage of each sale.

– Invite groups to organize fundraisers within your stores increasing awareness for your store and providing the group with much needed funds.

– Provide groups who address important community issues gift certificates that they can give to their hardworking volunteers

– Partner with a important social action group to host a lunch workshop or community dialog sessions about local needs and issues.

Engaging in strategic philanthropy can be useful in distinguishing your organization from your competitors. It can also help you to boost your product awareness and gain favor among the community you operate in over your competitors.