Stress Relief through Charity

Article Written  by : Boston Buyers Club

One of the best stress relievers is through charity. Helping others takes the focus off you and your problems. Here are a few ways you can volunteer in charity events and projects, and helop yourself in the process:

Walkathons – these charity walks only require determination and good walking shoes. Contact a charity of your choice and register for the walk. You might have to help with getting sponsors to donate money on behalf f you walking, and they can be anyone from a family member, co-worker, friends, etc. Donations can start from $1 up to as much as your sponsor is willing to donate.

Local Nursing Home – residents at nursing homes sometimes have no one to visit them. Take an hour or two of your time per week, and visit an elderly resident. They would love and appreciate a visit from a warm, friendly person. Contact your local nursing home to find out how their volunteer scheme works.

Youth Clubs – youth clubs provide sports and fun activities for children in the area. These clubs are always in need of responsible, patient adults willing to help.

Local Church Ministries – join your local church ministry and put your spiritual gifts to good use. There are many areas you can help out with, which include: youth ministry, usher board ministry, missions ministry, prison ministry, music ministry, etc.

Local Food Bank – join this charity to help people in your community get the food they need. Call them up, register and get started.
Homeless Shelter – get involved with the homeless shelter in your area. You need to invest just a few hours of your time every week, to make a difference in the lives of the needy.