The Osho dynamic meditation method

Osho meditations have been an integral part of his discourses for the past 30 years, and while deviating from the traditional method of meditation and discipleship, that begins with the Osho dynamic meditation method which is used for the purpose of awakening.

There’s no doubt that Osho is still revered today long after he left us in the year 1990, and his teachings have been the cornerstone of many fruitful lives led today right from the time he began his teachings of meditation while also addressing the needs of many men and women today with the emphasis on the search for harmony, wholeness and love that is an important part of all religion and forms of spirituality in the world today.

Not only are his books that cover a long list of topics pertaining to life’s questions available in different audio and video formats, one can also find Osho meditation music that is key to his method of meditation as well, in popular bookstores and over the internet as well.

The Osho mp3, DVD, CD made available to his followers all deal with the subject of developing the human sub consciousness, while drawing on the knowledge of the East to answer even modern day’s problems as well, that are reflected in his books.

If one intends to read a book of Osho, be prepared to finding yourself on a journey that will last this entire lifetime, for Osho will never be referred to in the past tense as his presence continues to remain with us.