How to Search for Pro Bono Legal Advice

Before retaining a Long Beach family law attorney, you may want to get some general information about divorce law prior to paying a retainer. In the alternative, you simply may lack the funds necessary to hire a private attorney. There are resources through which you can obtain pro bono or free legal advice.

Law schools in California maintain clinical programs. Through law school clinics, individuals unable to pay for legal representation can obtain assistance from third year law students. These students are supervised directly by licensed attorneys.

As an alternative, there are organizations like the Legal Aid Society that do provide legal assistance on a pro bono basis to economically disadvantaged individuals. They usually will assist people in divorce and other types of family law cases.

If you can afford to retain a divorce attorney Long Beach CA, you may be able to obtain at least some pro bono legal advice in advance of paying fees. Typically, a divorce lawyer will conduct an initial consultation with a prospective client at no charge. An initial consultation is scheduled like any other appointment, by contacting an attorney’s office. You may be asked to complete some informational paperwork before the appointment to better assist a lawyer in understanding your case.

During an initial consultation with one or another of the Long Beach divorce lawyers in practice, you are able to obtain some essential information about possible strategies for your case. You are also likely to obtain some basic information about California divorce law and court procedures in marriage dissolution cases.
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