Charity Furniture Donations

Charity does not always mean you need to donate money. This is just a way of giving to the less fortunate. One creative way of donating to needy families is by giving away furniture that you no longer need. Furniture is probably the one thing that most needy families lack in their homes. Their top priorities would be spending the little money they have on food, medicine, children’s school supplies and even clothes. Furniture is probably the last thing they can afford to spend their money.

When redecorating your home there must be quite a few usable items of furniture that you put away. Consider donating it to a needy family that would probably put it to good use. Donating a sofa might mean that certain members of that family need no longer sleep on the floor, a desk would give a child a proper place to do her homework, kitchen items will mean the family can make better meals more efficiently. By donating furniture, not only will you be helping someone out, but also the environment.

If you do not know of a needy family that could use your discarded furniture, look around for a charity organization that could help you. Some organizations will even come over to your home and pick up the items of furniture, while some will need you to drop it off at a specified location. Here a few of those organizations:

National Furniture Bank Association – This organization will pick up your donated items of furniture and give them to families in need.

Reuse Development Organization (ReDO) – They have a list of organizations by state that take on furniture donations.

Other charity organizations that will pick up your donated furniture are the Salvation Army, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

The local church might have a furniture donation program. It might be worth checking out.

If you are into theatre, then look up some of the theatre groups in your area. They may need your furniture for their sets in an upcoming play.

Register online on internet groups such as Freecycle or FreeShare, which have forums for donating and receiving free items, which include furniture as well.