Conditional Security – an Important Element of Christianity

Bill Sunday once remarked, “Christianity means a lot more than church membership,” and very often this is what it turns out to be if you are not careful about ‘staying in the faith’. Living as a Christian is not just about being saved but is a daily struggle to live according to God’s Word and a continuous effort to be pure in his eyes.

To the new believer, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between Catholicism and the faith that many authentic preachers have exhorted Christians to live, and this is why it is vital for them to immerse themselves in the Word of God as well as enrich their lives in fellowship with Christians who have been in the faith for a while now.

And there is always the danger of being led astray by people who do not understand the facts of the antichrist conspiracy, and thus it is vital for you to find an authentic guide who will be able to help you distinguish between true and false, thus helping you to grow stronger in the faith.

However, there is one concept that Christians must definitely understand, and that is conditional security which clearly explains that we are saved by grace but we must work out our salvation on a daily basis if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is thus important for Christians around the world to not only counter false dogma with the Word of God as it is a ‘double-edged sword’ that is able to understand the thoughts and attitudes of believers and unbelievers alike but to remain steadfast to the faith by running the race to its very end.

And while it might seem hard at times (as Paul admitted too), there will no greater joy when you are able to live according to God’s Word.