What you can donate to a charity other than money.

Helping another person in need can be one of the greatest gifts you can give. You do not need to give money there are many other ways you can contribute.


YOUR TIME: volunteer your time to a cause. There are many organizations in need of helping hands such as soup kitchens and shelters.

FOOD: the many people who have no food will greatly appreciate any food donations. You can hand over your donations to the local food bank.

CLOTHING: go through you closet, you will have plenty of items you don’t use, sort out the usable ones and hand over to a local charity, not only will you be helping another person but you will be clearing your clutter as well.

MATTERSSES AND BLANKETS: these will be a blessing during the winter months, don’t throw away your old mattress call a local charity, they will come and collect it.

BOOKS: there are many children in third world countries without access to books. Collect all your old school text books and any other books and search the web for collecting centers for organizations that collect and distribute these books to the needy.