Looking for Osho photos?

Regardless of how much controversy that surrounded Osho when he was with us, it never showed on his face, as Osho photos even until today display a feeling of peace and clarity of thought that can only exist when one has truly understood the meaning of spirituality and has embraced a personal journey while sharing it with millions around the world as well.

Truth be told, while most people considered him to be a ‘rebel’, all Osho wanted was for people “to come together” rather than being separated by dogma, and which we see exists in the world today. Apart from his discourses, he also revealed his understanding of meditation through the very popular Osho dynamic meditation method that continues to impact people around the world even till today.

While his discourses also laughed at religious authorities with his tongue-in-cheek humor, he also interpreted (and correctly too!) that the rich heritage of Hinduism was slowly being buried under a blast of rituals and dogma that was taking the seeker away from the true path.

And while he intended to put an end to these pointless practices, the Hinduism that he practiced shed all this “excess weight” that has been the plague of Hindus everywhere. His new followers were known as Osho sannyasins , and it was for people who wished to follow Hinduism keeping the reality of today in mind and put paid to the antiquated thinking as well.

Osho was a person that you might hate or like passionately, but the truth is that his contributions have made such an impact on the East and West alike, that you cannot ignore him.