Fundraising Ideas – Church Fund Raising

Article Written by : Refinery News

Church fundraising events can be a tiresome affair although the outcomes of the ministries and projects can be rewarding. Following are a few regular ideas as well as a few novel ideas that you can use the next time you need to organize a fundraiser.

– Organize a benefit walk or run and have local companies and organizations sponsor the event. You could also ask the participants to purchase a ticket for a small price or pay a registration fee that would go in the contribution.

– A fun event that you could organize is a “Mystery Dinner”. Couple this with a young team of talented individuals who can be the entertainment for the evening. The “Mystery” portion of the dinner is the menu. Include forks, knives, spoons and napkins also as part of the menu and give the items interesting names and limit the number of items that guests can order. Once you’ve organized it all, sit back and watch as your guests trade knives for a slice of bread or a spoon for a couple of meatballs.

– Drive a nail project. Purchase a bunch of nails and stick them to a postcard. Have church goers purchase the nails and have them sign the postcards with their names and addresses. This way once you have completed the project you can write a thank you note to all your contributors.

– Buy a piece of a puzzle – ask a few volunteers from the church youth or the Sunday school to create a poster and cut it in to pieces of a puzzle. You can ask the church congregation or people you meet on the street to buy pieces of the puzzle.
As with any fundraising campaign you should make sure you have a talented team of volunteers who can get the work done. Also make sure you don’t organize too many fundraising events closer together.