Tim McGraw Helping to Bring Awareness to Hunger Issues

In a recent interview, country singer Tim McGraw said there were times when he was a kid that they didn’t know when they would get their next meal. Growing up with a single mom who had to work, McGraw remembers never having enough money for food. 

The childhood memories are is reason McGraw decided to film the public service announcement to raise awareness of hunger issues in America today. “Feeding America”, a charity set up to help fight the hunger issue is America, says that out of every six Americans one is struggling to put food on the table, and there are over 5.7 million Americans currently getting assistance from the emergency food programs every week.

McGraw filmed the segment for a new campaign to bring awareness to the hunger issues called “Hamburger Helper’s Show Your Helping hand Campaign.” The country singer says when he thinks of all the children going hungry in a country that is supposed to be as wealthy as ours is heartbreaking. 

McGraw is involved in several charities including the one set up in memory of his father, who died from a brain tumor, called “Tug” which he is the chairman of. He feels he has a calling to try to make a difference in people’s lives outside the realm of his country music career.

Other organizations include the “Neighbor’s Keeper” which he founded with his wife, Faith Hill back in 2004. McGraw says both Faith and he have been blessed with so many opportunities, and even though the couple and their three children have never gone hungry, he feels his children should now the meaning of giving back.