Top Fundraiser Ideas

There are various strategies to raise funds for charities – it just depends on what works for whom. The charity itself, its patrons and who it serves should be the deciding criteria for your fundraising strategy. However, here is a list of fundraising ideas that seem to have worked for a large majority:

Large scale events – This could be anything from a marathon to a walk-a-thon to a gala. Big events are sure to raise ‘big’ money if organized properly. The event is not only big enough for the entire community to take part in, but also becomes a social event of sorts and if caught on by the media, could generate a lot of publicity as well.

Trivia night – Small events such as a trivia night could also work. It is a fun way to raise funds and also create awareness for the cause you are supporting. You can conduct the event at a pub or even a small restaurant and it is a great fundraising idea for a group of ten to fifty people. You can make it work for a bigger crowd; that is up to you.

Live, silent auctions – If hosting a charity dinner or gala event, a silent auction is another great way to add to your fundraising that night. If you manage to get some great auction pieces, this could prove to be quite popular amongst attendees.

Direct mail fundraising – Letter campaigns can be successful, but depends largely on the organization and the audience it is focused at.

Grants – Most charity organizations depend heavily on grants, and thus pursue them quite keenly. Organizations ranging from national foundations to corporations and even community foundations all provide grants.

Saving money – Discount card books or coupon books are great ways to raise money for your charity. It not only gives your supporters the opportunity to make a donation, but also gives them great ways to save their money.

Other methods of raising funds include conducting raffles, raising funds online via the charity website, specialty sports tournaments or simply just asking for donations. Take your charity and its mission into account and then decide what would work best for you!