Why Osho books are popular today

Let’s face it: the teacher known as Osho hasn’t been without controversy. All religious leaders from time to time experience this, and it hasn’t been very different with Osho as well. But if this is the measure by which one uses to judge this man, perhaps one should consider the fact that there is more than meets the eye.

Take for example, the surging popularity of osho books long after he has gone from this world. And one can find these books at bookstores, over the internet and pretty much anywhere you can find spiritual literature.

And that’s not all, if one finds themselves aurally inclined as opposed to reading, one can find his books and discourses in the form of an osho mp3 that you can enjoy in silence just as much as a book.

However, this is only just the beginning, and once someone takes an interest in the teachings of Osho, their lives change, and the desire to understand the man and what he stood for take the highest priority.

And perhaps one of the most popular teachings of Osho was to emphasize on the importance of meditation that is now known as the osho dynamic meditation to his followers from all parts of the world today.

Perhaps Osho might not be hailed as a religious leader in the truest sense of the word but what is for sure is that even though he never belonged to any religion, he still showed genuine respect and affirmation of the world’s religions through his teachings.