Are You Looking For a Meaningful Gift, a New Family Tradition and A Way to Make a Difference?

During these holidays, perhaps it is a good idea to start a new family tradition. Heifer International has a program that lets you fund all or part of the cost of assisting a family towards becoming self sustainable through livestock development. This might just be the type of meaningful gifts that your family could give – making the holidays far more meaningful, not just for you, but also for another family.

For over half a century, Heifer International has worked towards providing less fortunate families with resources such as farm animals and sustainable agriculture training – in a bid to help them be self-sustainable.
Your donation will help fund this program. Costs are as follows:

$120 Goat
$150 Llama
$250 Water Buffalo
$500 Heifer
$20 Chicks, ducks, geese
$30 Hive of honeybees

This is how the entire process works:

1. Donate one of the above animals to a needy family. You can do so in honor of any member of your family or friends.

2. The family will then receive a gift card, which describes your contribution towards their welfare.

3. Your donation will have put one more family on the road to self-sustainability. Once they have finished all training modules and have the necessary facilities in place – then, they will receive the animal you donated to them.

4. The food or raw materials provided by the animal will help bring in some money, which the family can utilize towards materials for school, medicine and even their household improvements.

5. Every beneficiary family makes a promise to pass on the gift – which is the gifting of the first female offspring to another needy family. This family then follows the same process and the cycle is repeated. This goes on and entire communities have become self-sustainable from this program. Therefore, your gift sets off an entire cycle of gift giving for many years.