Public Safety Fund Raising Appeals

There are so many out there who work tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and secure in your environment. They range from the police force to fire fighters and so many others. You might want to show them your gratitude and support – and one way you can do that is by donating towards fund-raisers or any such initiatives organized by them. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) insists that the following be taken into serious consideration before making a donation:

-Remember, that the words ‘fire fighter’ or ‘police’ in the name of an organization does not necessarily mean it is part of either. Claims to have ties with or work with the local police force or the like does not mean the money you give them will be used for public safety measures. Do not hesitate to request for written information that you can peruse through to ensure that your donation will support programs that you endorse.

-Organizations like fire fighter service organizations and the police force engage paid professional fund raisers to solicit on their behalf.

-While donations to labor unions, fraternal organizations and trade associations are tax deductible, the police force and fire fighter units are not.

If you are still unsure of where exactly your donations are going to, you could take the following measures to ensure the contribution you make, will actually help others in your community:

-Ask for identification. Fund raisers should be able to identify themselves and name the organization they represent.

-Enquire as to how your donation will be utilized and the percentage of your contribution that will actually be used towards the relevant organization you choose.

-If unsure of the fundraisers legibility, call the organization to verify their claim. If it cannot be verified, then report them to local law enforcement officers.