Conditional Security – an Important Element of Christianity

Bill Sunday once remarked, “Christianity means a lot more than church membership,” and very often this is what it turns out to be if you are not careful about ‘staying in the faith’. Living as a Christian is not just about being saved but is a daily struggle to live according to God’s Word and a continuous effort to be pure in his eyes.

To the new believer, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between Catholicism and the faith that many authentic preachers have exhorted Christians to live, and this is why it is vital for them to immerse themselves in the Word of God as well as enrich their lives in fellowship with Christians who have been in the faith for a while now.

And there is always the danger of being led astray by people who do not understand the facts of the antichrist conspiracy, and thus it is vital for you to find an authentic guide who will be able to help you distinguish between true and false, thus helping you to grow stronger in the faith.

However, there is one concept that Christians must definitely understand, and that is conditional security which clearly explains that we are saved by grace but we must work out our salvation on a daily basis if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is thus important for Christians around the world to not only counter false dogma with the Word of God as it is a ‘double-edged sword’ that is able to understand the thoughts and attitudes of believers and unbelievers alike but to remain steadfast to the faith by running the race to its very end.

And while it might seem hard at times (as Paul admitted too), there will no greater joy when you are able to live according to God’s Word.

Looking For Bible Answers?

With the Bible being open to interpretation and with people answering the most asked question of all, “What is the gospel message?” with their own understanding, it bodes well for those who want to know the truth, especially if they are new believers, to find the right source to learn from and grow in their spiritual lives.

So where do you find these bible answers?

If you think that it is found within the confines of a church, no one can argue with you. But there are other ways by which you can study the words of the Bible on your own, while also forming your own opinions.

Yes, we are talking about the internet which is used for both ‘good and evil’ these days.  There are certain sites that will help you delineate the truth from the jargon that you are so used to hearing whether the subject deals with the doctrines of grace or even more debatable ones such as Calvinism and so on and so forth.

As you grow spiritually, there are questions and doubts that you might have about the faith that you follow, and in being able to clear them out, you should be able to stand firm on what you believe in no matter what people say.

Ultimately, words are just words but what will remain is that the Word of God should be understood clearly.

Singapore Encourages Wealthy Citizens to Donate With Policy

As more wealthy Asians move away from the conventional model of making simple donations, the new accepted path is to open foundations as well as venture philanthropy. And among these Asians, Singapore is one such country in which these donors are being encouraged to do so by making it easier for them, thanks to Senior Ministers.

Speaking at the Credit Suisse Philanthropists Forum, the Senior Minister, Goh Chok Tong, validated the fact that most of the wealthy are now moving away from the concept of leaving behind a legacy to the “giving while living” philosophy, and this calls for the need of advisory services in Asia. And this is where banks are beginning to set up philanthropic advisory capabilities to advise clients on how to give without the need of setting up a foundation of their own.

And according to statistics, with the world’s wealth increasing by almost 72 percent with figures touching $ 200 trillion over the last decade, there is no doubt that the wealthy of Asia (apart from other parts of the world) are in a position to assist those who are in need of help.

In particular, China’s billionaires have also contributed almost 6 percent of their wealth in the last few years, and which amounted to almost $ 3.3 billion over the last five years. Despite these growing numbers, philanthropy remains a challenge, and this is where Singapore comes in, being a primary financial hub in Asia, and one of the ways by which it has encouraged philanthropy is giving tax cuts up to 2.5 times for people who donate to the Institute of a Public Character.

Is Eternal Security a Myth?

One of the most followed religions in the world today is Christianity.  While there are different doctrines that separate most sects of this religion, it is purely because the Holy Bible is open to interpretation.

While some people believe that eternal security is obtained once you accept Jesus into your heart, there are some who believe that you have to work out your own salvation until the day that you die.  But the truth is that we will continue to sin for the rest of our lives.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Christianity is the fact that it is evangelical in nature ever since Jesus commanded his disciples to go and spread the good news.   No matter how the message of love and hope are presented, these two will always remain as some of the pillars of Christianity.

Since the Internet has become a medium to spread information, you can find information regarding faith and Christianity on websites over the Internet regardless if you have been recently saved, have been a practicing Christian for a long time now, or a nonbeliever.

While these sites also talk about the Word and God, and interpret the former in today’s scenario, you can also find interpretations from the Bible about important events such as the antichrist conspiracy among other events as well.

Easy Ways to Raise Money For a Charity Fund

Let us accept the fact that while we might always think of ways on how we would get our wants by making more money, there are some instances when no matter how much money we are able to generate, the need simply does not end.

One of these instances would be that of a charity.  Since it is all about helping the underprivileged, you can find fun and very easy ways to actually raise money.

No, the manner in raising the money does not have to be a serious one even though the cause is.  Here is a list of easy ideas that can help raise money:

#1: Book Sale

One of the easiest ways to raise money for a charity is to ask around if people have unused books at their homes. Collect the said books and hold a garage sale.  You can then give the proceedings to the charity.

#2: Offering services that are needed

You can also offer some of the most basic services, which people do not have time for, such as mowing lawns, washing cars, watering gardens, and so on.  People pay well to get these menial tasks completed.

#3: Food for a cause

It is one of the most common ways to raise money since all you have to do is make simple foods such as burgers and pancakes, sell them at a stand at the park or the church, and do not forget to mention that you are raising funds for charity.