Benefits of used car donation

Donating some of your possessions for charity is a noble thing to do. People don’t expect anything in return for their donation except perhaps a “Thank You”. But sometimes they can give you a tangible return, like for a used car donation for instance.

Automobile donation is actually tax deductible. However, it does not happen automatically and the therefore the donor must fulfill certain obligations. These include acquiring a receipt of the sale of the car by the charity and itemizing tax returns. While this is the only real tangible benefit, there are many other intangible ones as well.

By not sending the car to a junkyard, you are ensuing that it does not rot away there and take up space as garbage. By putting the car back on the road you are also reducing the demand for a car by one. This indirectly ensures that fewer raw materials are being extracted to produce a new car. Although old cars are often recycled, the benefit it gives is outweighed by the harm caused by mining for raw materials and the processing that comes with it.

The donation also helps a needy family by giving them a transport option. You never know, it might even become a means for their livelihood. The bottom line is that your donation will change someone’s life positively. If you are considering car donation in Minnesota, there are plenty of charities you can choose from. The easiest way to locate on that is close to you or your heart is to look online.