Car donation Illinois

The first thing you should know is that car donation is a quick and easy procedure. Just go online and search for “car donation Illinois” or “car donation new York” or “car donation los angeles” and you will quickly find some charities who handle these types of donations.

As soon as you contact them they will take steps to collect the car. You have virtually nothing more to do apart from making the phone call and signing document when you release the car. The charity will come and collect the car, tow it if necessary, and take it to their garage or premises. Once the car is in their possession, they will evaluate it and decide what to do next with it. If the car is in a working condition or is drivable, they will refurbish it and restore it to good running order. If the car is too far gone, then it is salvaged for parts and the rest is sent for recycling.

If the car is restored, the charity bears the cost of restoration. Once this process is done, the car is auctioned off or sold at a very low rate to a deserving family. These families are registered with the society and are generally those who are suffering economically. By buying the car or truck, they aim to use it in their work or business and improve their productivity. If you have a car or other vehicle that is no longer of any use to you, consider donating it to a charity and helping another family’s lives.