Giving without losing

Making a charitable donation that can be written off when doing your income taxes is one method of giving without losing. By doing so, you can also exercise your right of choosing the organization that you want to benefit from your money rather than in paying that sum in income taxes and allowing the government to make that decision for you. The word charity which has become synonymous with giving is one way of giving without losing since you will gain an income tax advantage as well as spending your money on a project or group that you support. 
There are other ways of giving without losing like in donating used clothing to charitable groups who will also provide you with a written slip of proof of donation that you can also write off when doing your income taxes. There are besides giving to privately funded charitable groups, giving to a special friend whose companionship might be worth your gift of money. There are besides giving money, giving of your time and talents by visiting hospital and spreading cheer to some patients who might never, otherwise, get a visitor. Your giving of your time and talents is not really making you lose that time or talent rather you are receiving the good will and prayers of those with whom you have shared your time and your talent. 
There are some wealthy people who give their heirs sizable checks as gifts rather than wait until they are deceased to have them pay inheritance tax. That, too, is another way of giving without losing.