What you can donate to your child’s classroom

There are many small things you can give away to your child’s school, which will be put into good use. With supplies being rationed and demand high, these are some of the most useful items you can give:

Hygiene products

There is always a need for tissues, paper towels and hand towels for the many runny noses, dirty hands and spills to be cleaned. If you have unused soap, hand sanitizers and creams, they will be very useful.
Books and magazines

Books and magazines, which have no use for you anymore, will be a treasure trove in a classroom. Select ones with bright pictures for younger classes and anything on interesting topics such as National Geographic which children can read and enjoy.


The younger classes never have enough of this. Buy an extra stack for the children to draw on. Lined papers are useful for kids when learning to write.

Coloring supplies

An extra box of crayons, color pencils and markers will keep the creative minds busy.
Do not throw away toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls they are used for various craft projects. Empty jam bottles, yogurt cups and other containers come in handy for storing and sorting items.