Charities that give to the needy

This Christmas season take the opportunity to light up the life of a needy person by giving. In this materialistic world we always take for granted the act of helping out needy people. If you look around there are many destitute people who are desperate for help. Here are some ways you can reach out to them.


Contribute to the food banks and food rescue organizations by donating to charities such as America’s Second Harvest, The Food Project, Feeding America and many other such charities to provide meals to millions who have no other source of food other than what they get from these organizations.

The red kettle Christmas campaign

The Salvation Army’s red kettle Christmas campaign helps millions of needy people nationwide by donating food, clothes and toys. You can donate cash or you could volunteer to be a bell ringer.

Medical care

Charities such as the Shriners help provide much needed medical care for children by operating hospitals and other charities like the Ronald McDonald charity supports patient’s families while getting medical care.


You can enrich the lives of many by donating your unwanted or used books to charities like to Room to Read who will distribute them to needy communities worldwide.

Charities for animals you can contribute to

If you are an animal lover and would like to donate to a charity that benefits animals these are some such charities:

This is a non-profit organization that collects monetary donations and holds special events and sells merchandise to raise money. They benefit numerous charities including the American horse Defense Fund, Miracle Horse Rescue and the Humane Society of the United States. They also help in rescue operations during natural disasters.


The main purpose of this charity is to help and treat elephants that have contacted Tuberculosis while in human captivity. Monetary donations are accepted and are used for medication and for the care of the elephants. They have several projects in countries like India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to preserve the elephant population.


This charity supports the “Last Chance for Animals” association which is dedicated to stopping animal suffering. Anyone can donate their old vehicles including cars, SUV’s, motor cycles or trucks and 70% of the blue book cash value is donated to Last Chance for Animals. They provide free towing services from anywhere in the United States.

What you can donate to your child’s classroom

There are many small things you can give away to your child’s school, which will be put into good use. With supplies being rationed and demand high, these are some of the most useful items you can give:

Hygiene products

There is always a need for tissues, paper towels and hand towels for the many runny noses, dirty hands and spills to be cleaned. If you have unused soap, hand sanitizers and creams, they will be very useful.
Books and magazines

Books and magazines, which have no use for you anymore, will be a treasure trove in a classroom. Select ones with bright pictures for younger classes and anything on interesting topics such as National Geographic which children can read and enjoy.


The younger classes never have enough of this. Buy an extra stack for the children to draw on. Lined papers are useful for kids when learning to write.

Coloring supplies

An extra box of crayons, color pencils and markers will keep the creative minds busy.
Do not throw away toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls they are used for various craft projects. Empty jam bottles, yogurt cups and other containers come in handy for storing and sorting items.

How to save money by donating to a charity

By donating to a charity you will be helping out someone who is desperately in need of that help and who will greatly appreciate your contribution. But donating can help you save money too. How can you do this?

Tax deductions for donations:

You are eligible to reduce the amount of income that is subject to taxation by donating either money or any other items to charity. To get this deduction you have to donate to a charity that is qualified by the IRS. You can make the claim after you make the donation. If you donate goods, you can claim on the market value of the goods. The IRS has a guideline to determine market value of commonly donated goods.
Donations need to be made to non profit organizations to enable you to get tax deductions. Donations made to labor unions, individuals, foreign governments are not eligible for tax deductions.

Care should be taken when making donations as there are many scams where people take the money and it never goes to the intended charity. If you are considering donating to a charity make inquiries about their authenticity before you make any donations.

Why you should donate blood

There are many desperately ill people in hospitals that are in need of blood including children, cancer patients, accident victims and many others. The simple act of donating blood could give these people a second chance at life. What better gift than the gift of life.

Donate blood

In the United States, there is a person in need of blood every 2 seconds, but only 5% of the eligible 60% of the population donate blood. Each unit of blood from a donor can save the lives of three people.

If you are over the age of Seventeen years and weigh at least 110 pounds then you can start donating blood. The American Red Cross has donation centers around the country. You can donate blood every 56 days. Make sure you have plenty of fluids to drink and have a diet rich in iron before and on the day of you donate blood.

A person with type O negative blood is known as a “universal donor” whose blood can be given to anyone. This blood is mainly given to newborn babies who do not have the time to have their blood type tested.

Donate blood now and save lives and give hope to many families.