Charity Wristbands – A Fundraising Option

Charity wristbands are all the rage. It has become a fashion statement of sorts. A large number of charitable organizations sell colored wristbands to raise money and awareness. These organizations range from those promoting breast cancer awareness, the Red Cross, to even religious groups. This new method of fundraising is not just hugely popular in the United States. Organizations in Europe, Australia and even Asia have adopted this method for charity fundraising. Its popularity extends to the fact that is reasonably priced and lets people donate even in a small way, and also becomes a way of exhibiting their support to a cause they believe in and want to promote.

With most charity wristbands selling for less than five dollars, some are as cheap as a dollar. It is easy to give these wristbands such a small price tag as they are produced out of inexpensive silicone or rubber. Some manufacturers even offer discounts for charity organizations buying wristbands in large numbers. They come in a wide variety of colors and can have any wording embossed on them, be it a slogan or name. With its wide popularity, certain colors are attributed to certain charities or causes. The yellow wristband, one of the most popular, is sold by the Lance Armstrong Foundation, while pink wristbands signify breast cancer awareness and red for the Red Cross.

A good marketing effort would be to get a celebrity or even a person popular on a local note to wear it, to draw media attention.