Different ways to raise money

Raising money for charity is not always an easy task. However, if you employ a some uncommon methods you might have a better time at it.

· Limited Editions – Selling limited editions of any kind are great way to raise money. For example, let’s say your charity is in a fight against drugs and sponsored a book about saying no to drugs. You can order a few thousand copies of these books with a special message from your charity and with a few extra pages of special material. This can in turn be sold with the limited edition factor being touted. The book will be easier to sell and will bring in a lot of money for the charity due to its premium pricing.

· Go viral – If you have TV advertisements or any other videos which are likely to elicit some emotion from people you should consider making them viral videos. Chop them down in size and mail it around, put it on YouTube, etc. While you are doing this, do not forget to put a clickable link to you charity’s website at the end of the video.

· Go digital – Put up some digital downloads for sale. Send the links to all your regular donors and ask them to forward it to their friends. This way you will not be taxing them too much and you will get better coverage because they will be only too glad to forward the links.

· Sell products – There are plenty of products sold through affiliate programs online. Find some products that are either decent or connected in a way to your charity. Put up their ads on the charity’s website; if people purchase through those ads, your charity will get money with minimal effort.