The Osho dynamic meditation method

Apart from the numerous tantra books written by Osho that are available over the internet or at several bookstores, there are other things for which Osho has been known to be one of the most original thinkers of the 21st century.

Of course, no great man is free of controversy, and with his apparent lack of respect for structure, government, religious leaders and the hypocrisies of society, his methods came under a lot of criticism by several people in power, and it was not until his death that people began to see the sex guru’s teachings in a new light.

For one, the Osho dynamic meditation method has been a prominent part of his teachings that were in the form of discourses and that primarily uses Western psychotherapy as a means by which one can prepare for this form of meditation.

There are five stages in this form of meditation which employs music at every stage (except the fourth stage) for which one can obtain samples of Osho meditation music to help them with each stage that lasts for at least ten to fifteen minutes each.

There’s no doubt that the effect that he has had on the hearts and minds of people will continue for a long time regardless of whether he is alive or not since his death in 1990.