Doctors Without Borders are helping with Ebola victims


Ebola outbreak in the Western African countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leon in the recent past brought in many volunteer organizations to help with the humanitarian disaster. Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) is one of many volunteer organizations that are doing outstanding work in Ebola impacted West Africa at this time. Volunteer medical professionals who worked with the organization and acquired Ebola were treated in hospitals in the United States and were cured of the virus.

When a disaster strikes, the organization immediately go into action to save lives. Founded in 1971 by a small group of French doctors, MSF is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization provides humanitarian aid mainly in developing countries and war-torn part of the world. More than 34,100 doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals as well as engineers volunteer their work under the banner of MSF. In addition to emergency medical care, they also provide relief for natural and man-made disasters, and fight deadly epidemics. They are engaged in more than 60 countries worldwide at any given time. More than 80 percent of funding for its operation comes from private donors. The annual budget of the organization is estimated at more than $400 million a year.