Gelato Flavors: What you need to know

With many Gelato brands and flavors in the market, most people will be curious to try out as many varieties as possible. Suppliers like Gelato products have broadly categorized the different flavors of gelato to help customers select and enjoy each and every gelato flavor.

Chocolate – Gelato comes in multiple varieties of chocolate from dark-to-milk-to-white, with other added flavors. Some of the most popular varieties include cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate), cioccolato al latte (milk chocolate) and bacio (chocolate and hazelnut combination).

Creams – These gelato varieties are not considered traditional gelato as gelato is not made using cream. However, these Italian ice creams with cream and vanilla are popular and are similar to cold custard.

Fruits – Fruit based gelatos are packed with flavor and are perfect on a hot day. Look for varieties that have whole fruit chunks in it for a flavor that is similar to a blended smoothie. Fruit gelatos come in Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Apricot, Pear, and Lemon.

Nuts – Gelato stores will mix nut flavors with cream or chocolate to create some of the most popular gelato varieties. Look for Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut, and Walnut.

Novelty flavors – Some gelato stores will make more commercially available ice cream flavors like rum and raisins, nougat, mint, and cookies and cream. However, most of these gelato manufacturers use quality ingredients and make these flavors in small batches to maintain quality and flavor.

When looking for your next dessert fix, move away from your usual brand of custom ice cream cups and visit a gelato store to try out these amazing flavors.