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A citizenship survey carried out by the Communities and Local Government Department in UK indicates a slight drop in the numbers of volunteers and charitable donations made for the year 2008/2009.

The survey indicates that the number of people who made charitable donations dropped to 74% in 2008/2009, when compared to the 76% recorded in 2007/2008 and 78% in 2005.

Covering close to 10,000 people in Wales and England, the survey also indicated a drop in the number of people who volunteered. The year 2008/2009 saw 26% volunteering, whereas 2007/2008 recorded 27% and 29% in 2005.

Formal volunteering refers to uncompensated help provided through organizations or charity groups which benefit the environment or people. Informal volunteering on the other hand refers to providing help to those not part of your family.

Informal volunteering numbers also witnessed a drop with 35% recorded in 2008/2009, compared to 37% in 2005.
Other results of the survey include:

1. £17.70 remained the average donation towards charity
2. Volunteers seemed more likely to make charitable donations
3. Females volunteered more than males. 28% of women engaged in formal volunteering, and only 23% of men did
4. Persons with degrees seemed more open to formal volunteering
5. The average time people engaged in formal volunteering went up to 12.6 hours, compared to the 2007/2008 figure of 11 hours
6. Informal volunteering averaged at 7.7 hours – which is the same as that recorded in 2007/2008. ‘Giving advice’ seemed to be the most frequent informal volunteering activity
7. Those not volunteering blamed work commitments (58%)


Article by Sweet Happening.com.