Generosity for all seasons

Christmas is the season to be jolly as well as generous. However, the spirit of giving should really last all year round. Here’s a look at a few things our favourite artists do to assist a number of causes.One of the issues that cartoonists focus on is animal rights and animal care. Jenny Campbell, co-creator with John Gibel of Flo and Friends, uses her skills to help the Geauga Humane Society in Cleveland, Ohio. She first started off by volunteering as a dog walker. Now, she donates her artistic talents to the cause. Her drawings are used everywhere, from the sign in front of the building to the t-shirts and hats sold.

The creator of Bloom County and his inimitable characters Opus and Bill, Berkeley Breathed and his wife, photographer Jody Boyton are both strong advocates of PETA and the drive to protect animals from abuse. They are also members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a cause to save whales and other sea creatures. While she was pregnant, Jody protested against the cruel use of stalls to hold pregnant mares for months on end – to gather urine which is used to produce the menopausal drug Premarin.
Dale Taylor, cartoonist of Not in My Backyard, uses his main character, Wyman the Weiner Dog to support the Virginia Dachshund Picnic. His designs are featured on fundraiser t-shirts.

Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk came up with Lisa’s Story after four years of research on breast cancer. The storyline comprises a character who finds a lump in her breast, diagnosis, goes through treatment and recovers.
Others include:

– Charles Schulz, artist of Peanuts – donated millions of dollars to charity. Built an ice arena dubbed ‘Snoopy’s Home Ice’ which, hosts annual figure skating championships, hockey tournaments and even concerts.

– Lynn Johnston, creator, For Better or For Worse – helps the Scleroderma Foundation and the House Rabbit Society for protection of rabbits.