How to Teach Children the Value of Giving

Teaching children the value of giving, even during holidays is not the easiest of tasks, especially taking into consideration today’s materialistic culture. Values such as generosity and ‘love thy neighbour’ to be imparted on children can be challenging, also because of the pressure attached to holiday expectations. However, remember, nothing is impossible. Heifer International is one great idea for parents to choose when teaching their children the value of giving and feeling a sense of accomplishment and goodwill from bringing someone else happiness.

For over half a century, Heifer International has, through donations, provided farm animals and training in sustainable agriculture practices to poor families.
Giving by means of money is not something that can easily be grasped by children. However, by gifting an animal – be it a goat, flock of chickens or even honeybees, they might catch on to this good habit.

Charles A. Smith, Professor of child development at the School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University says, “Kids get pleasure from seeing someone else happy. The act of giving unleashes the idea that a child can touch someone’s life. Heifer International believes that experience empowers children and shows them that they can make a difference in the world.”
Heifer International also lets children help to raise money to buy animals. These options include fun activities like ‘Carol for Cows’ or make and sell cookies or even animal ornaments. Kids can also decorate cans with the Heifer International catalogue pictures which can then be placed at local stores and restaurants to collect money for such causes.