Is The Philosophy Of “Once Saved Always Saved” True?

As Christians we are challenged every day to live by the Bible and the Bible alone, as we are ‘buffeted’ by many different philosophies, cults, false prophets and the like. It becomes difficult when we do not have fellowship with people who are ‘in the faith’ and even more so, when the Word of God is not a part of our daily lives.


The chances of us straying again is greater than ever if we do not understand the importance of living each day for our Salvation.

Thanks to several people who have convinced Christians of the once saved always saved concept, we find people turning back to their old ways, and even accepting the fact that it is alright because certain people who are well-versed with the Bible told them to live that way. Yet the truth is something completely different!

What you will find in the Word of God is countless instances of why believers must be aware of their salvation because it is purely based on the concept of conditional security and nothing else. Yes, we have to work for our salvation every day.

The people who tell you the truth will always back their claims (if you can really call them that) by the verses written in the Bible along with the testimony of a life devoted to Christ. The rest who tell that it’s OK to live an easy life and yet go to heaven are the ones that you must be very careful of.

One such individual who has lived the life of a true Christian is Dan Corner who has been revealing several truths that have been distorted by cults, false prophets and so on and so forth. But what you must keep in mind about him is that almost everything that he writes or talks about is based completely on the Word of God.