Why you should donate blood

There are many desperately ill people in hospitals that are in need of blood including children, cancer patients, accident victims and many others. The simple act of donating blood could give these people a second chance at life. What better gift than the gift of life.

Donate blood

In the United States, there is a person in need of blood every 2 seconds, but only 5% of the eligible 60% of the population donate blood. Each unit of blood from a donor can save the lives of three people.

If you are over the age of Seventeen years and weigh at least 110 pounds then you can start donating blood. The American Red Cross has donation centers around the country. You can donate blood every 56 days. Make sure you have plenty of fluids to drink and have a diet rich in iron before and on the day of you donate blood.

A person with type O negative blood is known as a “universal donor” whose blood can be given to anyone. This blood is mainly given to newborn babies who do not have the time to have their blood type tested.

Donate blood now and save lives and give hope to many families.