Nelson Mandela’s charities to continue in spite of his poor health

The 94-year old former South African President Nelson Mandela is recovering at home after being released from the hospital for treatment for a lung infection and a surgery to remove gallstones.  The anti-apartheid hero and Nobel Peace Prize winner is the South Africa’s first black president.

Since his one term in office from 1994-1999, he formed the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund which advocates children causes and provides support to vulnerable, special needs and those children who lost their parents to AIDS.  The Fund focuses on children from birth to 22 years of age.  Nelson Mandela is the South Africa’s highest-profile ambassador for campaigning against HIV and AIDS.  In 2013, the European Tour will team up with Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund for six golf events in South Africa.  Scott Jamieson of Scotland won the first European Tour in early December 2012 and the proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.  In addition to South Africa, the Fund has offices in U.K., U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Netherlands and Spain.  In 2010, the Fund earned an estimated $9 million USD.  Critics say the fund is involved in South African arms deals and blood diamonds controversies.