Osho and Yoga

The creator of Osho Dynamic Meditation discusses the power of yoga in this practical and enlightening guide.

Although an ancient Indian mind and body practice, yoga is very prevalent today. In fact, the western world has embraced this old eastern tradition as an alternative medicine practice beneficial for both physical and emotional issues including stress and anxiety. However as modern teacher and enlightened mystic Rajneesh Osho confirms, yoga is more than a temporary solution for stress or an exercise routine, it is part of a way of living.

Perhaps more commonly known for developing an unconventional meditation technique, the Osho Dynamic Meditation, Osho also respected other types of meditation practices and techniques, including yoga.

So what does Osho have to say about yoga? According to Osho, yoga can transform one’s life. Bridging the gap between an ancient technique and our lives today, Osho explains the deeper meaning behind the principles of yoga in his invaluable guide “Yoga: The Science of Living.” Praised by yoga teachers and Osho Sannyasins alike, the book delves into the concept that yoga is “a scientific mythology” that enhances awareness and allows the freedom to live in an ongoing state of joy, peace and fulfillment.

Among the many other concepts covered in the book, Osho also explains that yoga teaches one how to transcend the body, the mind and how to fall into one’s being. Rather than a practice to gain control or learn discipline, yoga is described by Osho as a way to find inner balance and peace.

Along with “Yoga: The Science of Living,” Osho has other popular books about yoga including “Secrets of Yoga,” “The Essence of Yoga”, “Yoga: The Path to Liberation” and “Alchemy of Yoga.” You can find these and other titles, tantra books and meditations online through the Osho Viha Distribution Center. To learn more about Osho please visit Osho Viha and sign up for their informative newsletter.