Osho: Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Jealousy is the feeling most of the people experience at least once in their
lifetimes. For some others jealousy is a real disaster that makes them do strange
and illogical deeds and ruins their lives.

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, 1931-1990) – a famous Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher – said that jealousy is very common among almost all modern people, because
the main reason of jealousy as a phenomenon is hidden in the educational system
and in the way of thinking of every modern person.

Usually a child at school wants to study well not to become a well-educated
person, but to be better than all the other pupils. A person compares himself
with other people, and this is where any kind of jealousy comes from.

Osho said that living in comparison with others is the first key to an
unhappy and unsuccessful life. Jealousy and all the other negative emotions
poison our minds and make us worried and stressed.

Osho taught that if you want to be happy and free, you need to change your
attitude to life and get rid of the false values and spiritual impoverishment
of modern society. You should only listen to and obey your inner voice,
nothing more. “I didn’t come to teach you, I came to awaken you,”
he said.

Osho didn’t write any books. He offered his teachings in the form of discourses, and Osho discourses were recorded by his followers
in 1969-1989 and were published as books and Osho audio CDs and DVDs.

Osho has also developed a new meditation system that helps to “awaken”
and to understand what life is and what being a human means. Osho meditations
are not static as almost all known meditation practices: they include music,
movements and breathing techniques. Osho has offered hundreds of meditation techniques
(among the most famous ones we can name Osho Dynamic Meditation, Osho Kundalini
Meditation and Osho Nadabrahma Meditation) and he was sure that everyone can
find the most convenient method for himself.

Osho’s teachings found many followers all over the world, because people understood
that this man knew the secret of being happy. People read tantra books and practice
meditations offered by Osho to achieve harmony with their inner selves and to
live happier.