Your Name and charity

Contributing to charity is a very noble thing to do. However, you should always find out exactly where your money goes. After all, if the hundred dollars you contributed to feed a starving child in Africa goes instead to some guy’s iPhone buying fund, you are being fleeced.

Sometimes charities will approach to obtain your services as a volunteer or ask you to serve on the board or sometimes even ask if they can use your name or your business’s name in their promotions. This is where you have to be extra careful, because this involves your reputation. Losing $100 is nothing compared to losing your reputation.

First of all, you have to find information about the organization and find out exactly where the money is going. Review past projects if you can and if possible, contact the recipients of those projects to ascertain if everything was done as it was supposed to be. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve found, you should check with the other members of the board. Experienced scammers are prepared to lie in wait for a long time before they collect on their investment. You should also consider the charities future plans and how it ties in with you or your business.

Protecting your interests should be your first priority. Honorable intentions are good, but if the charity you are involved in gets into trouble, those intentions will do nothing to save you. It is a sad fact that unscrupulous characters use charities to further their needs. So for further safety, contact your local law enforcement authorities as well as your lawyer before you engage in any activity.