Past the Point of No Return

Osho Sannyasins are devoted to spreading Osho’s message through many ways including writing books that document their spiritual journeys. Learn more about the latest such book, “Past the Point of No Return.”

There are many books written by Osho Sannyasins, the followers of the well-known Indian mystic and spiritual guide Osho. Although he passed away two decades ago, his devoted followers continue to spread Osho’s message in a variety of ways including documenting their personal journeys. One of the most recent coming-to-Osho books to hit the shelves is “Past the Point of No Return: Inner and Outer Journey” compiled by Ma Anand Bhagawati.

“Past the Point of No Return” features 44 coming-to-Osho stories written by Osho Sannyasins from around the world. The testimonies document how they found their master and eventually received from him their Osho mala (wooden bead necklace). Many of the followers left their homes to live in the Ashram in Pune, India, where they were able to listen to Osho discourses. These discourses are now available via Osho Mp3, CDs and DVDs.

According to Viha, the Osho information center and book distributor, “Past the Point of No Return” has been “flying off” their shelves ever since its arrival. If you’re interested in reading first-hand testimonies from people who have practiced Osho meditations and experienced enlightenment, purchase “Past the Point of No Return” today.

Along with “Past the Point of No Return,” Osho Viha offers a wide selection of other books written by not only his followers but Osho himself. Osho books have been written about a wide range of topics including Yoga, Jesus, Zen, Buddha and much more. The online retailer also offers both rare and popular tantra books by Osho and his Sannyasins.