Pope Francis auction his Harley-Davidson for charity

Many call him “The Cool” pope. Becoming more popular as poor people’s pontiff, Pope Francis is planning to auction his 1,585cc Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide to raise funds for Catholic charities. Money raised through the auction will go to Caritas Roma’s that is in the process of renovating a hostel and a soup kitchen in the Vatican. The Harley-Davidson comes with his signature that reads “Francesco” on the tank. Bonhams Auction House will be the auctioneer.

It was a gift to Pope Francis in June 2013 from Harley-Davidson to commemorate its 110th anniversary of the company. The United States based Harley-Davidson is famous for its unique motor cycle brand and has reputation for manufacturing reliable motor cycles. They wanted Pope to maintain a low key profile and Pope’s refusal to ride extravagant vehicles at the Vatican prompted them to donate the Harley. No one knows whether the Pope rode on the Harley or not. The auctioneer Bonhams expect to sell the Harley for $16,000 to $20,000 at the auction based on the charitable purpose of the auction. A leather jacket will also be auctioned off after the motor cycle to raise funds for the same cause.