Sharing your harvest with charity gardening

When it gets to the height of harvesting time, most gardeners have one common problem – what do you do with the excess crop?
A few suggestions would be that you share your collection with friends, family and neighbours. If you have already exhausted this entire list – then you might want to share with the needy persons in your community.

If you do not know where to look, worry not – there are several resources to look into. First, check with your local church or place of worship, as they might have an active social ministry program that in turn works with agencies who would welcome a donation of food. There are several charities that will gladly accept fresh fruit or vegetables. Apart from these charities, look at local food banks, shelters and perhaps even half-way houses.

The phone book is also an extremely useful resource in this situation. It often lists the community section separately, which then makes your task that much easier.

The internet is another resource you can use to look for ways to share a part of your harvest. Do a quick search under food banks + the name of your town – this should then give you a list of places situated close to you. You could also look at several national agencies which have regional offices. A few examples are America’s Second Harvest Food Bank, Food Research and Action Gropu – these two also
have links to food banks nationwide.

Now, with this information, you have yet another way to share your bountiful harvest with the less fortunate – thus not wasting your efforts and giving you chance to reach out.